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Towards a Welcoming and Inclusive Church

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Thanks for your interest in joining our list of welcoming congregations!

Our primary concern is to ensure that we are directing LGBT people to places that are genuinely safe, welcoming and affirming. All too often, members of the LGBT community have learned that "all" most definitely does not mean ALL. Because communities of faith have so often gone out of their way to single out LGBT people for condemnation and abuse, we believe that it is now our responsibility to explicitly state LGBT welcome.

Denominational Welcoming Church Programs

Most of the communities that we have listed are part of denominations with formal Welcoming Church Programs. They have each gone through an intentional process of study and discussion before publically declaring themselves a welcoming congregation. This has then been independently verified by their Welcoming Church Program.

The following Christian denominations have Welcoming Church Programs. Please contact them to begin the process!

Communities from Welcoming Denominations

For congregations who are part of predominantly LGBT denominations (like the Metropolitan Community Churches, Unity Fellowship Church Movement and The Fellowship) they are, by definition, officially welcoming. If this is true for you, please fill out our form and we will add you to the listings.

Communities from Other Faith Traditions

For communities not a part of denominations with formal Welcoming Church Programs, they must state openly on their website that they welcome and affirm people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Please include your online welcoming statement when you fill out the form.

Organizational Partners

Affirm United/S'affirmer Ensemble The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists Brethren-Mennonite Council for LGBT Concerns Open and Affirming Ministries of the Gay, Lesbian & Affirming Disciples (GLAD) Integrity Reconciling Works
More Light Presbyterians Open and Affirming Program of the United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns (ONA) Reconciling Ministries Network Room for All - Reformed Church in America Welcoming Community Network - Community of Christ