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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Shower of Stoles Project

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Worship Resources

Inclusive Worship Publications

Suggested Scripture Passages

  • Psalms 13 - "How long, O Lord?"
  • Isaiah 40: 1-11 - "Comfort, for the exile is nearly over"
  • Isaiah 42: 1-9 - "God's promise of justice for all people"
  • Amos 5:21-24 - "Let justice roll down like water"
  • Romans 8: 31-39 - "Nothing can separate us from the love of God"
  • Galatians 3: 23-29 - "In Christ there is no longer Jew or Greek"

Calls to Worship




  • "Faces and Facets" - text by Alan J. Hommerding
  • "I Will Never Turn Away" - text by Richard Spalding
  • "Though the Spirit's Gifts are Many" - text by David Gambrell
  • The above three hymns were three of four winning compositions in the 2002 Macalester Plymouth United Church's (St. Paul, MN) international contest for English-language hymn writers. Richard, David and Alan have graciously granted permission to include their hymns in our worship resources.

  • "We Are Waiting" - music and text by Bob Thomas
    Text and Vocal Music (pdf) - Text with Accompaniment (pdf)
  • This is one of the favorite hymns of St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Wayzata, MN. Bob Thomas is a long-time member of St. Luke and has shared many of his compositions with the congregation. Bob has graciously granted permission to include his hymn in our worship resources.

  • "Called As Partners In Christ's Service" - New Century Hymnal 495, Presbyterian Hymnal 343
  • "Here I Am, Lord" - Presbyterian Hymnal 525
  • "In the Midst of New Dimensions" - New Century Hymnal 391
  • "We Limit Not the Truth of God" - New Century Hymnal 316
  • "We Shall Not Give Up the Fight" - New Century Hymnal 437
  • "We Shall Overcome" - New Century Hymnal 570
  • "Weave" - Shaping Sanctuary 321

Litanies and Statements of Faith

Communion Invitations


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Organizational Partners

Affirm United/S'affirmer Ensemble The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists Brethren-Mennonite Council for LGBT Concerns Open and Affirming Ministries of the Gay, Lesbian & Affirming Disciples (GLAD) Integrity Reconciling Works
More Light Presbyterians Open and Affirming Program of the United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns (ONA) Reconciling Ministries Network Room for All - Reformed Church in America Welcoming Community Network - Community of Christ